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Join FOS

Friends of the Spit is a non-partisan advocacy group, founded in 1977, to keep the Leslie Street Spit as a Public Urban Wilderness. Friends of the Spit work within the democratic process to ensure that the Leslie Street Spit remains a car-free environmental resource, entirely public and accessible at no cost.

Over the years, Friends of the Spit has evolved into a sophisticated political force and built a broad constituency of supporters. It is considered as Toronto's premier grassroots environmental group. Friends of the Spit has 1,200 members. Supporters, through membership in allied groups, number in the thousands.

Will you join us?

The more members Friends of the Spit have, the stronger we will be. If you want the Spit kept as a public urban wilderness, please join us.

All work is done by volunteers. Dues help pay for the newsletters. For more information, email us at info@friendsofthespit.ca.


Individual $5.00
Household $8.00 (2 or more at the same address)

Print the FOS Membership Form and mail with your cheque to:

Friends of the Spit
P.O. Box 51518, 2140A Queen St. East
Toronto, Ontario M4E 3V7


Membership Form

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